Grants Program


The goal of the Dignity Health Community Health International Program (CHIP) grants program is to support Dignity Health’s mission and values through programs located outside the United States, especially in areas served by the Sponsors and special projects where Dignity Health staff or physicians are directly involved through a long-term partnership. 

Priority will be given to programs that serve women and children in the following focus areas:  

  1. Improve the health status of underserved populations in areas of the world with the poorest health outcomes.
  2. Prevent human trafficking by addressing the direct causes and focusing on communities with high rates of trafficking.
  3. Safeguard the environment when linked to the health status and well-being of poor communities.

Dignity Health CHIP Grant awards range from $1,000 to $25,000 for one year. Total funds available for the CHIP Grant Program is $100,000 annually.

Grant applications are due in the spring.

To learn more about our grants, please contact