Organizations in South Asia that work with victims of human trafficking recently reached out to Dignity Health for help.  Staff at their shelter homes, prosecutors working on cases and other team members were reporting symptoms of secondary trauma including nightmares, anxiety and depression.  In February 2020 Dr. Carter Haynes from Dignity Health provided a two-day workshop in India, and helped staff to learn tools for addressing their own trauma and that of their clients.  The training was life-changing for many.

The Purple Foundation in Nepal heard about the training and requested this support as well.  Since travel was restricted due to the pandemic, the training was remodeled to be provided virtually.  Staff from numerous anti-trafficking organizations participated, finding answers to many of the struggles they were facing.  Dr. Carter Haynes taught on mental health and trauma, Sonya Drottar trained on self-care, Catherine Geraty-Hoag presented on trauma-informed care, Lois Lane led a HeartMath exercise, and Heidi Brancatelli did an art therapy session. 

The participants kept repeating their gratitude for the skills they were taught and are planning to implement what they have learned with a peer-support group and teaching self-care to their clients.