Dignity Health’s Community Health International Program awards grants to projects serving low-income communities primarily in countries where our Dignity Health Sponsors currently serve. The program is funded by a budget allocation and employee donations.

Grant awards vary between $5,000 and $25,000, and the total award allocation for 2016-17 was $100,000.

Criteria for evaluation of award proposals center on those projects that:

  • Promote the health and status of women and children
  • Contribute to clean water, food and sustainable agriculture
  • Prevent human trafficking, and offer care and rehabilitation for its victims
  • Expand education and communication within rural communities
  • Promote health care and education on the prevention of the spread of HIV, as well as
    offer care for victims of AIDS

During 2016, Dignity Health awarded six GMP grants. These went to the following countries and their sponsoring organizations, and the projects they implemented:

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Health Aid

Providing life-saving surgeries in Adama Hospital, and providing primary care and medication for patients at a clinic in Gode Village, which is located in an area comprising 40 percent of Ethiopia’s population and is only second to Somalia in level of poverty and destitution.

South Sudan: Mercy Beyond Borders, Sisters of Mercy

Providing a weekly radio broadcast on maternal/child health education by an African Registered Nurse in Narus, S. Sudan, an area plagued by a health crisis exacerbated by brutal civil war.

Tanzania: Sisters of St. Francis

Providing a sustainable supply of fresh water by installing storage tanks to filter rainwater in the Lake Region of Tanzania. Project is occurring in a third village following the completion of projects in two other villages.

Guatemala: Friendship Bridge

Creating the first mobile health clinic in Chimaltenango, Guatemala through the Maya Health Alliance to provide preventive health services and health education to 1,000 impoverished Guatemalan women.

Honduras: Mercy of the Americas

Providing a psychologist to work with children and adolescents at Marbely Del Cid of Casa Corazon in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, a Sisters of Mercy ministry helping children living with HIV/AIDS.

Central America, Asia & Afghanistan: Capacitar International, Dominican Sisters

Delivering training in trauma healing and transformation to promotores, students, psychologists, and religious sponsors to help people living in poverty, violence, and natural disaster-plagued areas.

In FY 2017 the Community Health International Program will continue to identify additional funds, work with U.S.-based organizations to distribute medical supplies and equipment to underserved countries experiencing pandemics and natural disasters, expand it partnerships with organizations addressing the social determinants of health in underdeveloped countries, and contribute technical assistance to our religious sponsors working to improve the health of underserved populations in impoverished areas of the world.