Program of Women Entreprenuers in Panama: Sisters of Mercy

Goal - Women participants in the Program can generate their own economic resources through activities that they develop on their own initiative and entrepreneurship.

Twenty two women finished the first phase of the program and they are in the second phase directed to strength their entrepreneurship. 

At the end of the workshops all of the women said that the objective of the program was fullfilled in relation to the preparation to begin an entrepreneurship of a small economical initiative.

They mentioned the following reasons:

  • My self-esteem has improved, it has helped me to have a positive attitude to begin a small business.
  • Better ideas have come to me about a business.
  • I had many ideas, now more with the workshops, the adquired knowledge has reaffirmed what I what thinking before.
  • I see myself as a successful person now.
  • It has helped me to establish my objectives, I feel securer of my ideas about a business.
  • I have learned how to keep records of a small business.
  • I have motivation to get a goal and to work hard to achieve it.
  • My creativity was born and I belief in myself.
  • I´m learning how to begin and keep a business.
  • I see myself growing, creating new goals at medium and long term.
  • I´m given optimism.  They gave me more ideas about how to attract more customers, how to handle and take advantage of the resources I have.
  • It helped me think what I want to do for the future, how to put prices, how to negociate.
  • It helped me to get together with other worker women  who motivate and teach me.
  • It has improved the way I see myself, as a profitable and successful person. I learned to value my time.
  • I have learned to have goals.
  • I learned that I am growing and it is a non- stopping process
  • It have helped us to discover the capacities and abilities that we have as persons.